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Monday, June 2, 2014

Sources Fun Day Boat Ride this Saturday!

ITS FUNDAY at Sources and YDHAT is INVITED!!!!

We've finished the Train Ride and now it's time for a BOAT Ride!!!

This is FREE event and is sponsored by Sources and other partners. 

Come on out and enjoy Fun, Food, Fellowship at FUNDAY at Beaver Lake on Saturday, June 7 from 11-3pm.

Bring your extra folding chairs, blankets, sunscreen, fishing pole, swimsuit, your water floating tubes and enjoy the lake with Sources and other Disability organizations.

Check out the website for more information;

Leap & Learn Sign Language & More Sign Language

Don't forget to come Tuesday Night June 3, 2014 from 4:30-6:30pm for Leap & Learn Sign Language.

It's Free and Fun for the whole family! Come and meet other families with children with hearing loss and learn sign language at the same time!

Come to the U of A Speech and Hearing Center on 606 N. Razorback Rd, Fayetteville, AR.

Please see the Flyer for more information:

Sources Sign Language on Mondays from 5:30-6:30pm, Wednesdays at 4:00pm and Fridays at 11AM. Sources is located 1918 N. Birch Ave, Fayetteville, AR  72704. Phone (479) 442-5600.

YDHAT Summer Signing Time

Some Parents of D/HH children and Deaf/HH Mentors are wanting to offer Summer Sign Language classes in your neighborhood. Plans are still underway and more information is forthcoming.

If you are interested in having a Sign Language Tutor to assist you, your group or your organization in learning basic sign language, please contact me and I will refer some individuals to you.
Would you like to become an interpreter? Do you think you have the skills? Would you like to test your knowledge?

Testing is available for individuals who are interested in becoming an educational interpreter or community interpreter.  The Quality Assurance Screening Test or the QAST is one such test that is required as well as the EIPA (Educational Interpreter Performance Test).

These 2 test will allow you to work as an interpreter once the required levels are met. Please contact this website for EIPA and
for QAST.

Soon, there will be a great demand for interpreters. Therefore, begin learning sign language at one of the local sign language classes.
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Consulting
If you have issues, concerns, questions relating to D/HH employees, co-workers, family, or friends, please contact one of your local groups that specialize in D/HH issues and concerns:

1. Vocational Rehabilitation for D/HH at Arkansas Rehab Services (479) 582-1286 Bonnie O'Boyle
2. Deaf United Organization (DUO)- Aaron Shaw, Kelvin Jackson
3. Sources- Priscilla Scanlan
4. Arkansas School for the Deaf Parent Advisor- Karen Howard-Lange
5. YDHAT-Leora Jackson-
6. SLIN(Sign Language Interpreting Network) Interpreting Service

If you have any questions about any information above, please contact the agency by the links provided or through your internet search engine if contact info isn't provided.

YDHAT Train Ride Survey

The YDHAT Train Ride Survey results are in!!

Thanks to everyone who were able to complete the YDHAT Train Ride Survey.  Over 10 people said the event was very unique to extremely unique, and 83% said it was a great deal of value for the event.

Some open-ended questions were asked and here are the responses.  All answers were anonymous.

What did you like about YDHAT 2014 Train Ride Event?
1.  "A very good experience. My first time on a train."
2. "The ride itself."
3. "Making memories with my family and with other people who have a special needs person in their life. No one pointed or stared because we are all in the same boat (train)."
4. "The snacks, the views, the opportunity to get out and explore the town."
5. "Very relaxing for both kids and adults. A great experience for individuals with and without hearing loss."
6. "The idea of riding on a train and the opportunity to see the beautiful views from a train."
7. "Everything!"
8. "The train ride itself was awesome! We enjoyed the "old time" adventure. The train was comfortable and roomy!"
9. "I liked that the kids were able to have the lights and really light up the train. The snacks were great and I had a great time."
10. "The train was very reasonable in cost."
11. "It was interesting, fun, and relaxing."
What did you dislike about YDHAT 2014 Train Ride Event?
1. "Nothing!"
2. "Nothing. It was wonderful."
3. "No air, generator problems, snacks were good."
4. "More interactions between all kids and parents - this will come once more activities are established and parents and kids get to know each other. Maybe icebreaker can help in which everyone is engaged on the ride in games." (Yes, this is a great idea! We hope to get more ideas from parents and others as we progress regarding activities,  icebreakers, games and more.)
5. "I feel like the YDHAT train ride event should just be available for families of deaf and hard of hearing children. This is a great opportunity for these families to meet and visit. Also, it would be nice to be seated next to someone with similar hearing loss as my child so that we could share information as well." (We would like the train ride to include the majority of families of D/HH youth, but we do include youth with disabilities such as speech, and communication disorders, autism, intellectual disabilities, and to youth and families in the community.Priority is giving to Families of D/HH youth first. However, we do wish to focus on inclusion and sharing culture with others.
6. "Giving deaf/hard of hearing kids whistles on the train. Very loud for hearing people." (Yes, we will not include whistles as a toy item. It was very annoying and bothersome to hearing people)
7. "Van Buren needs to have more shops open...or a park for the kids to play."
8. "I guess there needs to be a better way to collect fees." (Yes, we are looking into a better system for group collection that would be more effective).
9. "I would like to see all the deaf kids sit with each other and for the parents to supervise them." (Yes, this was an issue and we would like to organize and implement a better strategy for this next time.)
Is there anything else you’d like to share about YDHAT 2014 Train Ride?
1. "No, everything was great!"
2. "Thank you for the gifts and making our children feel special. Thank you for your generosity and kindness."
3. "The generator issues was a problem, no air was a bad thing and made us uncomfortable at times."
4. "The ride was amazing and the experience will be remembered forever." 
5.  "Can we have another one later this year?" (YDHAT will ask for a Fall Train Ride in October for Disability Awareness Month. We will let you know of the outcome.)
6. "We would like to see more people go."