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Friday, May 10, 2013



"Come on, ride the train, it's the choo choo train
Ride it, woo woo
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah -If you feel like dancing, well come on, it's up to you
We got the sound to keep you getting down, down
The train is coming through…….."

Saturday, May 4, 2013

      Well, the 2nd Annual YDHAT Train Ride was a terrific success once again!!! On Saturday, May 4, only 2 families, my family and another family were brave enough to tackle the cold and endure a long train ride to the quiet, but not so sleepy town of Van Buren. The ride was pleasurable and exciting and the train conductor and staff were very informative and hospitable as they talked about the history of the surrounding area as we rode through the countryside.

      There were a total of 6 people with the YDHAT group including my son Leron (4) and I and 4 people from the other family in which my niece Hateya (8) was part of that group. She was accompanied by her grandmother Cris, brother Katavian (4) and her friend Savannah, from her school. 
Leron & Katavian

Savannah & Hateya are all smiles

The youth were given donations of beaded necklaces and Glow Light sticks from YDHAT volunteers, from which they made bracelets, necklaces or they used it as a wand. Also, they were giving a Bulb Light Toy that when pushed, it would light up and spin in the Dark. As we drove through the tunnel, the YDHAT Group was easy to find as they glowed and spun their lights throughout the tunnel. However, the conductor cautioned us for a moment of “darkness” for he wanted the members of our train to experience the ‘pitch black scenery’. After everyone experienced the “Darkness” moment for a few seconds, the lights resumed and the train was aglow once again. 
Saturday Group Pic May 4, 2013

       The walk through Van Buren was nice, although a little chilly. The group ate lunch together at a diner and later we went to another shop for ice cream. There was a delay in our departure from Van Buren, therefore we continued to “Shop Hop” from store to store. Finally, our train arrived and we departed back to Springdale. We arrived by 6pm in Springdale and my son and I went home to prepare for another ride the next day on Sunday.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Dutasaca Family-Leo, Michelle and Leo Jr.
     On Sunday, the weather was a little bit warmer than on Saturday.  For this trip, the YDHAT group had 5 families for a total of 16 people including my son & I and my 2 younger brothers Kelvin and Kenny (Daniel).  Once again donations of Metallic Beads Necklaces, Glow Lights & Bulb Lights were given to the 5 children in the group, including my son Leron who assisted me in passing the items to the other children. Some Bulb Lights had characters such as Spiderman (Leron), Purple Bulb Light (Leo, 4) Incredible Hulk (Leo’s friend Creden-4), Cinderella (Kylee-2) and SpongeBob (Jadyn-9).
Jadyn and her Grandma enjoying the ride

Jadyn and her mom are all smiles.

     Although it was a short trip to Winslow, the children had fun with their Lights as we went through the Tunnel.  After the tunnel experience, and as we were headed back to Springdale, the children managed to bunch up together in their “Kid Area” to play and mingle with each other. When there’s a kid, there’s a way for fun!!

The Kilsch Family-Paul, Kendree and Kylee
Kids discussing their next adventure.
     The YDHAT train ride was a great experience and a wonderful way for parents to bring their kids together and mingle with other kids who are like them. Some parents were able to mingle a little bit but not much due to the seating arrangements on the train. But, once we got off, pictures were taken and small exchanges were made.  
Little Creden with mom Jamie

Oh, I think I see something!!

Kid Area Hangout

Sunday, May 5, 2013 Train Ride

Thanks everyone for the fun!  Thanks to the volunteers who helped to contribute money for the Lights, toys, and candy! Thanks to the Arkansas Missouri Railroad for sponsoring us for the train rides for the YDHAT group this year. 

Well, what’s next for YDHAT??? How about we get ready for some exciting Summer Baseball!!! YDHAT is coordinating with NWA Naturals Baseball Management Team to provide some tickets for the game in June or July or maybe both. More details to come later.